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Exclusively interested in issues relating to studying and improving breed health. Our goal is obtaining participation in research from Neapolitan owners, breeders, scientists and veterinarians globally regardless of their political affiliations or lack thereof.

"Global Neapolitan Research"
MHF Objectives
  • To identify the specific health problems of the Neapolitan Mastiff
  • To provide Health related education for the Neapolitan Mastiff fanciers
  • To promote Neapolitan Mastiff breed-specific research projects
  • To establish a central breed diseases database available to scientists and support the creation of a longterm Mastino pathologic tissue collection facility
  • Create and administer Neapolitan Mastiff Health surveys using scientifically valid questionnaires
  • To carry out periodic screening of the published scientific literature for innovative or novel data in order to better understand the nature and potential prevention or treatment of diseases, defects, injuries, and other ailments that afflict dogs in general & Neapolitans in particular
Mastino should be tested at least once in their life at age one or older.
1.  Eye exam through CERF
2.  Thyroid testing at Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population & Animal Health- OFA Thyroid screen*
3.  OFA Cardiac exam through a Cardiologist and ACLS Certified Partner
4.  Orthopedic Exam. The necessary form is provided on the MHF website to be downloaded and be filled out by the veterinarian (download here)**
* The OFA thyroid screen through the University of Michigan is recommended test; however, further submission to OFA is optional.
** Although not required, testing can be done through a board Certified Veterinary Surgeon who is focused on orthopedics.  To find a Veterinary Surgeon near you please visit: